Radio Point-of-Purchase Targets Potential Panelists/Diary Holders

Put your message where your panelists/diary holders are...every day!  Radio Point-of-Purchase is the outdoor placement system that reaches panelists/diary-holders during their daily commute.  Radio Point-of-Purchase gives you more bang for your outdoor investment!


FOCUS TV Targets Potential Listeners

Since 1980, successful broadcasters have counted on Broadcast Marketing Group to provide innovative technologies and systems for outside media placement.  FOCUS TV is the culmination of over 30 years of experience and innovation.  With FOCUS TV placement, each schedule is targeted, documented and performance verified.  FOCUS TV research identifies the TV viewing habits of your potential new listeners.  This proprietary research goes far beyond GRPs and subjective guesswork to measure the effectiveness of your schedule against your target listener group.

We have developed TV placement strategies specifically for radio stations.  We use different formulas for the following types of campaigns:

Cume Building
Station or Format Launches

One of these strategies will work for your station.  Call Kathryn Potter or Aubrey Potter (816-753-3277) today to discuss how Broadcast Marketing Group can target YOUR LISTENERS on your next television campaign.