Kathryn Potter
Media Director

Kathryn officially joined BMG in 2000 after working there during several summer breaks from school.  Kathryn's main focus is buying Television, however she is also involved with buying Outdoor and our exclusive Focus TV research.  In her free time Kathryn enjoys traveling, cooking and playing with her three dogs.


We are Marketing Specialists for Radio

Since 1980, Broadcast Marketing Group has placed TV and Outdoor advertising for Radio and only Radio.  As a Radio specialist, we believe there is a responsibility to raise our standard of service above bulk, national, and local buyers.  Teams of specialists coordinate your planning, research, negotiations, promotions, reconciliation and final paperwork.  Our team’s job is to promote Radio.  We do what it takes to increase the possibilities of better diary reporting through TV and Outdoor advertising. 

What Makes us Different from Other Buyers

Many companies depend totally on broad Nielsen Ratings and the subjective view of the media buyer to buy television.  Our Exclusive Focus TV Research can objectively identify the individual TV viewing patterns of YOUR Station’s listeners.  Focus TV Research is only available through Broadcast Marketing Group.  It has set a standard for measuring TV viewing patterns of potential listeners.  Your buy proposals show Reach, Frequency and Effective Reach percentages against your listeners for each week.  It is essential that our clients have this information in advance of the actual buys.  Our paperwork is designed so client managers can make better decisions at a faster pace.

To learn more about how Focus TV Research can help you pinpoint your listeners & greatly increase the effectiveness of your next TV buy call Aubrey Potter at 816-753-3277.


100% Weekly Auditing

Once schedules are booked, it's a matter of verifying the performance and reconciling invoices. We have people specifically assigned to the Weekly Monitoring for each TV schedule. The days of simply gathering pre-logs are outdated. Pre-logs do not provide reliable "confirmation" on weekly performance. When the invoices arrive 15-30 days later, huge discrepancies are often noted. Yes, you could possibly receive credit for unacceptable times, but another phase of the Radio ratings would have already passed. Broadcast Marketing Group provides weekly monitoring on Tuesday's after each active week. When the buy is booked, the reps are told of our 100% Auditing policy and they are introduced to our monitoring staff. This reinforces our desire to maintain our schedules within the required ARB weeks.

Integrated Services

In addition to FOCUS TV, we have enhanced our Outdoor Placement and given it a name: Radio Point of Purchase (P.O.P.). Outdoor negotiations can become very complex and time consuming. We've designed a system to build better visibility in High Diary Return Areas. This means we can isolate the best areas for your Radio Station in a market.

Why You Should Use Broadcast Marketing Group

We will focus every dollar you spend on TV or Outdoor, aimed at your P1 and potential Convertible. Broadcast Marketing Group's TV and Outdoor Placement provide time and cash savings for our customers. The savings are not just in negotiations and our volume fee structure. You'll achieve a higher level of efficiency. Whether it's TV or Outdoor, our exclusive systems do the job of reaching the right panelists/diary holders with strong frequency.  Contact us today to see how Broadcast Marketing Group can help you reach your listeners on your next TV or Outdoor buy.  816-753-3277

Aubrey E. Potter, Jr.
Mary Ann Allen
Office Manager

Mary Ann joined BMG in 1985.  As Business Manager, Mary Ann works directly with your station's accounting department.  In addition to her financial responsibilities, Mary Ann also does the weekly monitoring reports and invoice reconciliation.  When she's not at work she's either on a walk with the neighborhood dogs or spending a weekend at her house on the Lake of the Ozarks. 

Aubrey founded Broadcast Marketing Group in 1980.  Since then he's built a successful company based on integrity, value, quality and a return on investment for his clients.  And in return, Aubrey's clients have remained true and constant.  Aubrey's business has grown to include media buying in almost every major city in America.  Aubrey's specialty is buying Outdoor and there are very few if any, companies that can compete with his knowledge and know how when it comes to Outdoor Advertising.  Another passion for Aubrey is his 40+foot office on wheels.  Aubrey is often on the road traveling to stations or just passing through.