Put your message where your diary-holders are...every day!  Radio Point-of-Purchase is the outdoor placement system that reaches diary-holders during their daily commute. Radio Point-of-Purchase gives you more bang for your outdoor investment!



Conventional TV buys waste thousands of dollars on people who will never be P1's or P2's. Focus TV puts your message in front of your potential listeners. Don't waste any more TV dollars -- check out FOCUS TV today.


We are Marketing Specialists for Radio

Since 1980, Broadcast Marketing Group has placed TV and Outdoor advertising for Radio and only Radio.  As a Radio specialist, we believe there is a responsibility to raise our standard of service above bulk, national, and local buyers.  Teams of specialists coordinate your planning, research, negotiations, promotions, reconciliation and final paperwork.  Our team’s job is to promote Radio.  We do what it takes to increase the possibilities of better diary reporting through TV and Outdoor advertising. 

What Makes us Different from Other Buyers

Many companies depend totally on broad Nielsen Ratings and the subjective view of the media buyer to buy television.  Our Exclusive Focus TV Research can objectively identify the individual TV viewing patterns of YOUR Station’s listeners.  Focus TV Research is only available through Broadcast Marketing Group.  It has set a standard for measuring TV viewing patterns of potential listeners.  Your buy proposals show Reach, Frequency and Effective Reach percentages against your listeners for each week.  It is essential that our clients have this information in advance of the actual buys.  Our paperwork is designed so client managers can make better decisions at a faster pace.

To learn more about how Focus TV Research can help you pinpoint your listeners & greatly increase the effectiveness of your next TV buy call Aubrey Potter at 816-753-3277.



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